Adult Aquatics Annual Registration/Membership Sign-up Fee

"New" Adult Swimmer Sign-up/Registration Fee for qualified Adult Aquatic swimmers. New swimmers qualify for the $25 1st year rate if they are on: (1) Medicaid, (2) School Lunch Program or (3) Income is at or below Poverty Level. Proof has to be submitted with this payment, otherwise new swimmers are required to pay $85 for their 1st year, $85 for their 2nd year and $125 for their 3rd and consequent years due each year on August 1, 2018. This membership fee is required to be paid 7 days before the start of a class or a practice. This Annual Registration Sign-up Fee applies to "New" Adult Aquatics Program members and the $25 is due August 1st of each year. If any type of help is needed (financial or otherwise) please see your coach for an "Assistance Application" which can also be printed from the forms tab at
Adult Aquatics Annual Registration/Membership Sign-up Fee
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